Dungeons of Antur

by Ricardo Oyon Rodriguez


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A dungeon crawl with randomized loot and monsters, May 2, 2021
by MathBrush
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This game was pretty fun, although I think it could use a bit more hints or subtle nudges for incorrect actions.

It's made using pre-existing 3d RPG assets, including chests, goblins, skeletons and spiders. These form static background images for an adventuron game.

This is like a little AD&D 1st edition dungeon as a warrior, with randomized loot. You explore different areas, find hidden traps, etc.

I thought this game was too hard for me, but I found that carefully noting all items and examining things helped quite a bit.

The game suggests there are non-violent solutions to some encounters, but I fought through most of them, including the werewolf, where I had to restart the game a few times until I found both helmet and armor. Apparently I missed one secret room (probably the one hinted in the note), but otherwise did okay.

I would have been a bit less frustrated if the game had hinted more when I was doing things the wrong way. Otherwise, pretty fun if you like TTRPG fantasy modules.