Life with OCD

by Adri profile, Rob Pitts, and Sin Kim


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Sympathy, February 4, 2016
by SeanStark (Probally in a library; they have computers too!)

This game, although simple gives the player an overwhelming sense of what it must be like to suffer from OCD. I smiled the first time when I (Spoiler - click to show)couldn't get out of the shower because my feet weren't clean enough but soon enough I felt the anxiety come back. My only downside I can see seems to come from a few little bugs, but that is understandable as it was written in 48 hours. I don't think any player could figure out (Spoiler - click to show)how to get into bed and sleep since I don't think a bed was put into the room.
Still this game had a great concept and with a few tweaks might be very great.