The Temple

by Johan Berntsson


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Lovecraftian mid-length explore-y but still very linear game, April 1, 2023
by Cygnus (Australia)

You play as an unidentified person journeying with a man called Charles, in a nightmarish world of strange eclectic gods. A very linear game, with intended routes and such in order. I like that thereís hints, great system.

It's very Lovecraftian- got the normal things, cults, screaming eldritch demons, alchemy, so definitely fits there.

Overall, very short, but itís fantastic. You can die, but itís polite. Great introduction and commands. Could do with a little more context and variety, parsers are good. Another thing it could use is more worldbuilding. The atmosphere wasnít tense at all (apart from That One Part), but still made sense.

Because of the length, Iíll be rating it a 3.5, because itísÖ Yíknow. It couldíve been expanded on, and for a hook, itís not great. Writing ran a little weak at times, but still, pretty good!

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