by William A. Tilli


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Irritating. That's the overwhelming feeling I get from this game., November 7, 2017
by turthalion (Winnipeg)
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When the initial location contains point-scoring items that can't be seen unless you 'x bedroom', I get irritated. When the same item continues to be mentioned after you take them, I get more irritated.

When the main character gets achingly hungry some few turns after consuming a huge plate of pancakes, the irritation mounts.

Speaking of the main character, I'm not sure why he's an elf living in Newberry. It doesn't seem to make the slightest bit of difference to the story, other than the elf's infravision resulting in not having to worry about a light source puzzle (and I would gladly have put up with a light source puzzle in exchange for dumping the hunger "puzzle").

Directions are scarce in numerous locations in this game, spelling mistakes abound, plot details are encapsulated in room descriptions (thus repeating themselves every time you "look"), and I ended up quitting after a guess-the-verb puzzle just to get to a certain location landed me in a spot where I could find no way proceed, or go back. As no hints or walkthrough were provided, I was forced to give up.

Oh, and did I mention the annoying music that starts playing when you type "About" ? More irritation.

Author Encouragement:
I'm not sure I really want to take the time to encourage this sort of thing.

Bedroom Notes:
If you insist on starting your game in a bedroom, at least give it a description. Enough said.

W: 2
Passable, except that the story seems weak, and the spelling and grammar are pretty poor.

A: 2
Generally unappealing. Hunger puzzles, spelling mistakes, missing descriptions... bleah.

B: 2
Guess-the-verb parser problems, room descriptions that repeat plot details every time you look (e.g. "You step into the room..."), and a location that left me stranded with no way out. No thanks.

E: 2
Not entertaining for me, but it's not a 1, just because there does seem to be a game there.

WABE score: 4