Hexteria Skaxis Qiameth

by Gabriel Floriano


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Short and sweet game about fictional linguistics, November 5, 2017

Having encountered a linguistic mystery in a fictional language that intrigues them, the protagonist dives down a rabbit-hole of more mystery. What they discover is up to the reader to interpret.

The piece reminds me of If on a Winterís Night A Traveller (it feels descended from Borges, also, but I am more solid in my Calvino reading). The player is given the ability to manipulate the languages and words to create cryptic sentences, which unfurl further to illuminate (or not) the sentences in question.

As an exploration of fantastical language, itís curious and interesting, but I found myself wanting more. Iíd have been excited to see more about the fictional cultures, their histories and societies, to give the piece more richness. As it is, I found it a clever piece relevant to my interest, but one that didnít leave much of a mark. Iíd love More Of This In My IF, Please, with extra depth and bite.

I think I also need to reread If On A Winterís Night, because Iím having a serious hankering for it.