Time Passed

by Davis G. See


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Unassuming and enriching, March 28, 2021
by Victor Gijsbers (The Netherlands)

This is the third game I played in the 2018 IF Comp in which the protagonistís not being (strictly) heterosexual is important, making it something of a theme in the competition. That said, Time Passed actually doesnít make a big deal about it. The story is essentially about an unconfessed teenage love and the protagonistís desire to find out, years afterwards, what would have happened if he had found the nerve to speak out; the fact that the object of desire was another boy does not heavily impact the narrative.

In terms of structure, the first few pages gives us some links that lead to optional extras; and then we arrive at a single choice moment that determines which ending we get. (Spoiler - click to show)We either never meant anything to the person we had a crush on, or it turns out that they might have responded somewhat favourably.

The writing is quite good, although I felt that the diary entry didnít really capture the tone of a teenage diary. For instance:

Itís true that I would give anything to feel Billyís love, but Iíd also do anything to avoid the feeling of rejection, and those two desires are in conflict with each other.

That sounds like a pretty detached analysis, not like something youíd write if you were in the middle of it. But this is the exception -Ė the other parts, including the terrible poem, were good.

Time Passed ends up being a nice little slice-of-life story that is interesting because it puts the protagonist in a somewhat uncomfortable situation, a situation that most people would probably avoid in real life. Having us play through it in fictional form is, in an unassuming way, enriching.