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Awesome UI., April 1, 2023
by Cygnus (Australia)

This game was pretty!! Really pretty. I should replay it, so I can see what the commenters were talking about, but first playthroughÖ very pretty. Use of colour is very smart, parsers all work, kinda sorta linear. Plot and worldbuilding is honestly top notch.

Again, hard to find fault with this one. Doesnít need a map, because its various worlds are small enough, hints are either provided or not needed, so many dialogue options, feelsÖ

I think this game had sound? Either way, it was super visually pleasing and mind-scratching in a good way. Kept me going, kept playing, and the atmosphere was awesome.

Iíll come back to this after Iíve replayed it to get the actual, like, feels that commenters were talking about. For now, itís chilling at 4.5 stars (0.5 deducted for if Iíd play it again; Iím only replaying it because the commenters were raving about it. Once I finish, Iíll probably up it to a 5.)

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deathbytroggles, April 1, 2023 - Reply
When you replay, go a completely different direction on the red planet.
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