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"Momento" as Interactive fiction, January 14, 2008
by somegirl (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

I'm not a big fan of "puzzle-less" games, but I did enjoy this game. Really, I'd have to say it was more like a short story than a game, but it was quite a *good* short story. I'd encourage anyone who plays it to settle in to do some reading, and talk to everyone you can - this is not the time to go rushing to the end. I especially liked seeing the plot lines weave together, it starts out quite disjointed, but everything fits together so snugly by the end, it takes your breath away a bit.

Serious spoilage (really, don't click if you haven't played yet)
(Spoiler - click to show) The really Wow! part for me? In the crystal labyrinth, when you discover you can fly - amazing. That was great.

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brandonmack, February 28, 2012 - Reply
just wow.That was AMAZING! I love how at the end, it all comes together. everything makes more sense! And the more you think about it, the more all the little pieces come together, to make sense in the story portion, and the little things like the astronaut, and the pool, all make so much sense at well! This is one very cool story line. Yes, the entire thing is, without a doubt, on rails. But it's still super cool :) I also like how the entire story is from the perspective of everyone BUT Alley, yet it's all about her.
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