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Surreal, Mystery

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Very puzzle-y, awesome mechanics, could use with some accessibility, April 1, 2023
by Cygnus (Australia)

Oooh boy. This one was.. A doozy. At the start, I was incredibly pumped for this. You’ll notice that I said “at the start”, and that’s because it took a lot of mechanical reasoning to navigate, although once you got the idea, you could kinda get around.

Very beautiful in the end- multiple multiple endings. There’s a way to get softlocked a bit, but other than that, there’s a unique note system that helps you remember things. I loved the notes. Very much. A lot of colour-specific things. Very ethereal. Intentions are so cool.

We play as a ghost… puzzle master… thing. A notion, perhaps? Overall, a lovely game focused on puzzles with emotional mechanics and (an) interesting ending(s).

Also, there’s a walkthrough. That’s awesome.

I’d rate this as a 3.5/5. Mostly because of the repetitive nature of the navigation puzzles- timed/move based puzzles or mechanics are great for solving the puzzles, but after the solvation (it’s a word), imo it’s a better idea to just let us navigate easier and keep the locks on.

Would I play it again? Yep. Would I play it for endings? Yep. Actually, we’ll up it to a 4, simply because the mechanics were awesome in the endgame.

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