Poor Zefron's Almanac

by Carl Klutzke

Fantasy, Science Fiction

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A fantasy/sci-fi blend with polymorphing, February 14, 2016

In this game from an early IFComp, you have to earn the right to become a journeyman wizard when a fearsome dragon appears and attacks the town.

Things aren't how they seem, and soon you are playing ambassador to an alien. In the tradition of Infocom and Douglas Adams, you have to assemble a machine out of bizarre parts.

The game focuses on a polymorph spell that takes you from place to place. People have mentioned how this can lock you out of victory; however, the part where you need it is so small that you can just undo a few turns and try again.

Near the end, though, the game got really hard. I accidentally combined two ingredients too early, which basically meant I had a bomb that would go off all the time and end the game. Then, the final portion of the game can be tricky.

Has an almanac with a ton of information in it that you can carry around.

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