Sim Political Career

by Squirrel


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Really nice idea, but..., February 5, 2015

I really like this idea. I like how people are using Quest to make more imaginative games. However, the game runs on a timer independent of your decisions and it's way too fast.

When the game's asking you to make tactical decisions you are sometimes left with less than 1 second to read a paragraph before it starts scrolling upward as the game continues oblivious. It meant that I'd be reading some text, then a load more text would be dumped on the screen and a big text box would pop up asking me YES/NO, and I'd try to move it out of the way to find out what it's asking me to decide on, but too late - the text has already scrolled away.

I think there's the seed of a brilliant idea here. All it needs is some tweaking, maybe the timer could be made a bit slower?