Beet the Devil

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My favorite game from the 17th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition, May 20, 2012

This by far was the favorite game I played from the 17th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition.

The game is fairly large to complete especially to do so without hints and walkthroughs in the 2 hours allotted judging window. Perhaps this hurt the score somewhat with judges who may have been pressed for time? I took my time with the game and played it well over 2 hours and had the most satisfying experience.

Some of the puzzles were challenging, but well clued and I never remained stuck very long. Frustrated a couple of times, but upon coming back to the game, got through those areas -- isn't that the most satisfying type anyway?

The Dog who follows you around was simply delightful and essential to the completion of the game.

The game was well written, with excellent grammar and very highly polished.

I really enjoyed the outlook and tone of the game. A kind of cynical atmosphere, where hope yet remains alive.

I recommend playing this game at its own pace.

I think that this is an overlooked gem.