Following Me

by Tia Orisney


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A thrilling dynamic short story about two sisters fleeing for their lives, February 3, 2016

I found this game strangely engrossing, perhaps because I'm a fan of Mary Higgins Clark. I say strangely, because I'm usually not a fan of games with limited interactivity, walls of text, and strong profanity, all of which this game contains. However, Orisney's strong storytelling makes this game very memorable.

The game is quite long, and I couldn't find any way to save, so I recommend playing it all in one sitting. It's divided into a prologue and 3 or 4 chapters.

The story is about two sisters lost in the woods who discover increasingly disturbing things in the snow.

The style of the game is a dynamic short story, where you get about a page's worth of story at a time, then a single 'continue' link or a small number of small choices.

One interesting thing in this game is that quite a bit seems to indicate that your sister has her own playable story, yet this never materializes. I wonder if the author intended to add this feature, but never finished it.

The game includes strong violence.

I'm glad I played it, and I recommend it to fans of CSI or Higgins Clark.