Laterna Magica

by Jens Byriel


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Like being tied to a chair and having an essay shouted at you, October 14, 2017


This appears to be about a self-help philosophy for reaching enlightenment. You have a conversation where each screen offers two options, and you click on a key word to explore one of the two concepts further.

It mentions awareness, meditation, communicating with a higher self, ‘letting go’ of unwanted thoughts and feelings, and exploring the nature of perception and existence.

This isn’t an adventure. It’s a barely interactive info-dump.

I found the writing drawn out. There is not a lot of explanation of the philosophy. Instead, there is a series of statements without much attempt to convince a reader of its truth:

It feels like the author has tied me to a chair and is reading me their unpublished philosophical treatise at me. I’m open to new age ideas about meditation and perception, and I still didn’t understand or enjoy this.

I also felt that the idea that one should simply ‘let go’ of worry and pain by communicating with one’s higher self was extremely patronising. Would that it were so simple!