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Great execution of surrealism, March 16, 2010
by AeroSigma
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Perhaps there are some spelling and grammar errors but that didn't get in the way of reading the prose, or playing the game. Even 'vulcher' fit in with the setting, referencing a creature similar to a real-world vulture but implying something different (then confirmed with the way it talks to you, and how it's eye's bulge.)

The surrealism was communicated very effectively, the sparsely furnished rooms bring focus to the things that are there and let the surroundings fade from view, much like a true dream. The score, whatever you have negative or positive, it's always "out of a possible 0" underscores the importance of the journey and highlights the plotlessness.

The point of the game isn't to win, or to progress, but to experience. This is a surrealist expression, not a narrative, and it wonderfully immerses you in a fantastic world. Don't expect a gripping plot, you only get out of this game what you put into it. Try to make sense of the senseless symbolism; what does it mean to you? If it seems like a meaningless quest, it is. You bring the meaning with you.

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AmberShards, March 23, 2010 - Reply
If I bring the meaning with me, then there's NO meaning inherent in the story!
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