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Highly Enjoyable and Interesting Game Play, November 19, 2021

So sort of like Galatea, the plot here is driven by conversation. You notice things and have the protagonist ask people about things and that's what prompts characters to take action, change their attitudes towards you, and reveal more clues. But unlike Galatea, you have a specific objective: to figure out who dunnit!

The humor comes from watching the protagonist probe the suspects for information while pretending to know who the murderer is. It neatly reflects how the real-life IF player in most games must pretend to be the protagonist without actually having his memories; searching around your own apartment when a real-life protagonist would already know the layout.

Specifically giving the protagonist amnesia is one way around this problem, but OFF the CUFF has found another. Other games, such as 9.05 exploit, rather than work around, this awkwardness... that feels a bit like "cheating" to me.

This game is an afternoon's worth of good fun. I found the challenge-level to be just about right to enjoy it; not too frustrating. There's a tutorial at the start to help get you used to the unusual game-play and a help system for when you get stuck.