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A short maximally branching twine Ectocomp game about voice, March 24, 2016

This game has three choices, resulting in 8 distinct paths. Each choice gives a short paragraph of text; making the whole game about 15 paragraphs long.

This game was originally intended for the 2015 Ectocomp 3-hour speed game division, but the author spent extra time crafting it, which is why it ended up in the longer division.

The game was very disjointed to me. I feel like the theme is gender identity, which comes through very well in some branches, but in others it just went over my head.

Each choice is SEEK or WEEP. What do these options mean? Well, just SEEKING 3 times or WEEPING 3 times and contrasting the results can help, but it's hard to see how the intermediate results fit in.

However, as an almost-speed IF, it is very well crafted.