Dinosaur Dinnertime!

by David A. Clysdale


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Too simple, September 15, 2010
by Bernie (Fredericksburg, VA)

In this game, you play a dinosaur looking for dinner. However, other than the unique pc (the response to the command "i" was cute), the game is unremarkable. There are only four rooms in the game and three puzzles, all of which are very simple. I should warn future players that one puzzle breaks with standard IF convention(Spoiler - click to show) by delivering a different result the second time an action is attempted. I solved the puzzle by accident when I tried a different verb, as will most players.

Although the simplicity of the game makes it a good fit for young IF players, the writing is a touch gorey and might not be appropriate for some younger players. For example, the sentence "You sink your teeth deeply into its flesh and start tearing out the meat from its carcass" would amuse my son but horrify my daughter.