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by Alexander "Mordred" Andonov


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Fun and Challenging..., May 5, 2010
by Tristano (Italy)

Having had the pleasure of betatesting this game, and see it growing through it's various stages, I had the chance to fully appreciate it.

Mordred did a great job in designing the intriguing puzzles that face the player in this "escape-the-daily-work-routine" game. The humor is great and gives pace to the adventure. Extra notes and comments broaden the context of the game, stimulating curiosity and making great use of the litte setting the game takes place in. The puzzles and tasks are original and quite unique.

I've found the story absorbing like a sponge, and the player is given ample space to try-out different approaches to reach the final goal -- which keep involvement high and frustration low. There are no dead-ends and the author deviced some "spontaneous hints" in case the player starts moving in circles.

Game completion can take anything from half-an-hour to less than 2 hours.

Really worth playing.