You Were Doomed From the Start

by Jeremy Carey-Dressler

Cave crawl

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>INVENTORY - Paul O'Brian writes about interactive fiction

I hate to say it, but once I saw the author's name, I knew the title couldn't be more appropriate. Doomed is like a very stripped down, simplified version of The Last Just Cause, and is put forth by the author as "more of a 'Example work' to teach programmers how to program a Text-based game more that [sic] a full game." This is too easy a target, so I'll just say this: people interested in writing a text game should evaluate a few different games, perhaps sampling among the systems used in this competition, and decide which ones they'd most like their game to resemble.

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A tiny C++ game meant more as a programming demo, July 10, 2017
by MathBrush
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This game has you pick a text speed, then color.

It has a parser that understands 10 verbs, most of them like save, quit, etc. It uses 'pickup' and 'use' along with directions.

There are 8 rooms in a grid missing its center. Each room has a key. One room has 8 keyholes.

The author claims this was intended as a simple demo.

- hywelhuws (Clynnog Fawr, Wales, UK), September 19, 2008

- Juhana, December 27, 2007

Baf's Guide

Only the creator of this trivial programming exercise could explain why he thought it was worth releasing to the public, let alone entering in a competition. It's a small collection of awkwardly-described rooms (the author is highly enamored of periods of ellipsis) in which anything remotely resembling a puzzle is solved automatically, leaving the player with nothing to do but enter the one command - the same command in every room - that toggles the room's one bit of alterable state.

-- Carl Muckenhoupt

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