Academic Pursuits (As Opposed To Regular Pursuits)

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Moving-in sim

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Unpacking boxes and the story behind, October 7, 2020
by JimB

A nice little one room game where the main activity is to decorate a room. Not the most exciting task on its own, but the background story unfolds slowly through comments of the PC making the basic activity of moving and placing items way more interesting than it would be on its own. Having only one task to do reduces the amount of verbs you need to get through the game: examine, open, take and put in/on are all you need.

A very helpful command in this game is "Look for space", which lists all places where there is still room to place an item or if the spot is full. This made it very easy to get an overview of all the possible spots where sth could be placed.

A short game that just put enough stones in my way, so that I then wanted to move them out of the way and kept me busy while wondering what the background story was.