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not enough worms, May 19, 2021

(Warning: This review might contain spoilers. Click to show the full review.)so you’re probably thinking: what’s the right number of worms for something to have? and the answer is: it really varies. but this piece of fiction just does not have enough of them. let’s consider the criteria. first of all, is the main character a worm? is the main character a worm in a meaningful way? the problem is that in an isolated pyramidal mars colony community, there is no “organic” or “decomposition” beyond that of the human body. given human anatomy, the presence of a worm or any variety, be it platyhelmenthes or our garden variety earth worm, is out of place at best and parasitic at worse. where is the celebration of the simple worm’s presence as a regenerating force in the life cycle? where is the richness of loamy earth, of leaf mould and the scraping radula of snails? even in scenes where a character is dead or decomposing, worms are not centralized, despite the fact that worms are essential for the decomposition of organic matter in healthy ecosystems. so not only is there no worms, there is no healthy ecosystem within which the worm can flourish. there is only human flesh, human artifice, and the barren wastes of a landscape inhospitable to any form of life we can recognize and empathize with. you do not care for worms. your friends do not care for worms. the humble worm does not haunt this story; it is not even in it. 1/5 stars for effort