consciousness hologram

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Review of Conciousness, Hologram, May 19, 2021

So I go forward and then think I'm making progress, but then it just starts over and I have to start going again, there's almost no warning and no indicator that it's gonna happen. Sometimes it looks like there's something off to the side but you can only get a like a shadow of it, or maybe a reflection, but it doesn't show up. Once in a while it looks like a still image stretching to become the next image but it doesn't stop from image to image, it just keeps going, not really like a video, its a different sort of look to it. I really don't know why I can't get all the colors to work at once, or can only get it to display everything like a rainbow: there's contrasting color options that let you see the image, or you can see just the shape of the image is supposed to represent.

For both all together, though. Stuff is just too bright sometimes, it was easier to go through some parts with my eyes closed once I got the hang of it.