CYPHER: Cyberpunk Text Adventure

by Carlos Cabrera and Javier Cabrera

Science Fiction

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- gilm, April 7, 2015

Adventure Classic Gaming

"The developer has an obvious passion for text adventures, but it seems more enamored with the feelies and extras than what is really important in a text adventure game: careful writing and a halfway intelligent parser." (Matt Barton)

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Adventure Gamers

"You get this all from a wall of text, as you might expect, but also through an inventive use of audio and visual additions that are perhaps CYPHER's greatest contribution to its genre." (Jason L. Blair)

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"Of course -- gorgeous visuals or not -- a text adventure is only as good as its story, and Cypher definitely excels in this category." (Dant Rambo)

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HalfBeard's HUD

"Cypher is a fundamentally flawed game. Itís a text adventure wrapped in sound and imagery that does a good job of painting the cyberpunk world of NeoSushi (For some bizarre reason Tokyo has changed its name to NeoSushi, Iím not sure if this is a joke or a dig at corporate sponsorship). But all the work that went into immersing the player with the audio-visual experience is completely shattered by the arbitrary and tedious text adventure mechanics that are simply broken. There isnít a healthy pool of recognizable phrases, words and sentence structures plus the gameís own internal logic will often chop and change to confuse and confound an already agitated gamer." (Michael Raston)

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"The amount of content, the graphics, and even the sound are a testament to how much effort has been put into Cypher. That's why it's so unfortunate that Cypher is riddled with grammatical errors and poor spelling throughout the game. If that wasn't bad enough, the gameplay itself is convoluted and, it consists of overly complicated command phrases and an odd way of making trivial matters an illogical exercise in futility as you attempt to figure out exactly how you should be wording those command phrases."

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- Alycian, April 15, 2013

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