One Week

by Papillon

Slice of life

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A harbinger?, November 1, 2013
by Anya Johanna DeNiro (Minnesota)

This game has aged very well. Except for the fact that you're typing in numbers rather than pointing and clicking numbers, it could have easily been released on Twine in the last six months. Not only does it have structural similarities to recent CYOA--brevity, some measure of state tracking--thematically it also parallels many of the "slice of life" Twines from the last couple of years. The writing is brisk and captures a sense of character very well. Perhaps most impressive about One Week is that it doesn't feel like a maximization puzzle. After several playthroughs each ending felt satisfying (even though it wasn't necessarily the "best") and yet encouraged trying again. That only works if the mechanics are embedded in a particular voice and tone, which is exactly what happens here. The main character is likeable--but there are plenty of chances to make mistakes. Perhaps one of the themes of One Week is: you can still create a good life for yourself even if you do make mistakes. Even if you don't be Prom Queen and get a perfect score on your SATs.

Highly recommended, especially if you have an interest in CYOA (in whatever form that may take).