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Hidden depths , March 6, 2022

Cast your rod here and get immersed in a game / story which will have you hooked - just don't forget to wear those waders!

As promised, this game presents us with a well-realized retreat with trails, birds and fishing badges aplenty - but keep wandering and you'll find that there's definitely more than meets the eye after your first day or two...

Playing this game through Ryan's website brings an innovative save process to revisiting Jewel Pond. The game keeps all your progress and even arranges your cabin just how you like it... meanwhile, you're gently encouraged to play over days (and probably weeks) so that some events can unfold in real time - ie. things do seem to happen once you go to sleep out here IRL. As you tick off the birds in your book and snag those fish badges, you'll delve into the backstory of the cast of characters living around the lake... (Spoiler - click to show) and, believe me, the plot thickens!

Jewel Pond remains a well-concealed gem in IF for the moment, but it's well-worth getting off the beaten track for an extended stay here.