by Anssi Räisänen


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Enjoyable Fantasy Romp, January 22, 2016

Sardoria is a rather standard (although rather clicheed) fantasy adventure. You're a villager who must warn the king of an upcoming attack. However, the guard's don't believe you. Therefore, you get thrown into the cellar. It wouldn't hurt to include some sort of introductory text, but all you get is a welcome message. The characters (most of them) seem more like cardboard cutouts. The ending is a little abrupt; Who's the strange wizard? What happens afterwords? Most puzzles only have one solution, and none of them provide any feedback (you usually just get a "nothing happens" sort of message). It's a bit too short for my liking; I would've liked the game to be a little larger. Maybe I'm just nitpicking. Overall, however, I thurroughly enjoyed this game.

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