New Year's Eve, 2019

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New Year's Eve, 2019, September 6, 2022
by Sarah Mak (Singapore)

As a semi-bilingual Singaporean Chinese person, it was fun reading the dialogue in Chinese characters, and recognising the things similar to my own cultural experience (the probing aunties, the mother-daughter angst, the smorgasbord of food, and so on). And this New Year gathering as awkward as some of the Lunar New Year gatherings I've been to.

Personally, I have some quibbles with the prose and dialogue—I think some of the word choices are too scientific and detached, even if they reflect the protagonist's scientific background. For example, a character says ""I'm just trying to initiate conversation in any way I can", which is a bit too on-the-nose and awkward.

I would have described some of the snacks differently, and I thought that it was a missed opportunity to not give them more imagery. I'm familiar with melon seeds and haw flakes, but since their descriptions were so short, someone unfamiliar with them wouldn't have visualised them the same way.

Also, I like how you can read the choices together as a single sentence, like this:
"- We were good friends, but...
- We had a falling out..."