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Short, Graphic and Linear, April 28, 2017
by Jerry Martin (Colossal Caves)

1-2-3 is not for the faint of heart. Not because of the game's complexity or over the top puzzles but rather because of it's content. While playing 1-2-3, you take the role of a serial killer who graphically kills and violates his victims. The game does not shy away from detail and because of this, if you are squeamish or otherwise unnerved by graphic depictions of violence and gore, you'll want to avoid this one.

1-2-3, however, does do a good job at providing atmosphere and the writing was done quite well in that regard. However, I felt as though the killings themselves were the main focus of the piece and everything else felt like filler to get to that point. Working commands are sparse and often ignored by the player and the puzzles and interactive objects are minimal inbetween with most of the gameplay focusing on awkward NPC dialogue that forces you to ask the specific questions the game is looking for (otherwise the NPCs blatantly tell you 'don't you want to talk about ____?'). While the minimalistic approach to interactivity helps the believability of how manic the anti-hero is, it feels lacking and incomplete, especially due to it's short length and predictable ending. (Spoiler - click to show)The fact that the piece ends with the murder of the police woman you play as between killings with no consequence feels abrupt and could easily have been predicted since the introduction of the psychiatrist who 'knows too much about the murderer'..

The piece may be well worded, but the lack of interactivity, the awkward forced dialogue with NPCs and the overall graphic and focused nature of the killings is offputting and makes this piece feel lacking and incomplete. There are plenty of better horror and murder mystery pieces on the site to experience.