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A well written folk horror tale, November 19, 2019

> Sunlight filters through the window, while a cool breeze brings the scent of wildflowers and stirs particles of dust into the air where they shimmer as if made of magic. But that's not all, the wind also carries the approaching sound of hooves as they strike the cobblestone road that runs close by your window.

This is the first paragraph of the game. Consider the ambiental detail transitioning to a more specific event preceding the beginning of the action. Some reviewers have pointed that the the writing is verbose and could be trimmed, but I disagree. This choice of details, told in this order, has a rhythm that a lot of interactive fiction never really gets. This is good writing.

The story is a simple folk horror tale, and perhaps stakes are not too high, but they don't need to. It totally gets the necessary tone.

Some of the interactions and choices could be better thought, but the game offers a sense that choices matter, and clearly points at the ghost paths that you didn't choose.

This is a promising game from a new author.