by C. Everett

Science fiction

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Bland and easy, but with some potential , February 17, 2010

Terminal is short, way too easy, and has very little artistic merit. The premise of the game shows potential, but the storyline is never fully developed. Basically, you play a computer-based entity who must build himself a body to escape his present situation.

The descriptions are short and contain grammatical errors. Descriptions of certain items could have been embellished a little more to give the game a better flow. Much of the scenery cannot be interacted with, nor examined. That leaves the player with the ability to examine only the objects necessary to completing the game.

There are two ways the player can win the game and both are very well-clued; too well clued, in my opinion. The puzzle becomes way too easy with all the hints that the player receives throughout the game.

However, despite all its drawbacks, there is some potential in Terminal. Perhaps the author's second game will fare better.