Rogue of the Multiverse

by C.E.J. Pacian profile

Science Fiction

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Short sci-fi fun, November 27, 2010
by Kevin Jackson-Mead (Boston)
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Even though this is an ďodd-formatĒ game for the 2010 IF Comp (read, not Z-machine or Glulx), itís by the celebrated author of Gun Mute, so I had high hopes for this game, and I wasnít disappointed. You start off in prison, and I wasnít initially entirely sure if I was just supposed to go along with things or try to escape. (Spoiler - click to show)After getting killed during my first escape attempt, however, I figured this wasnít that kind of game. The game as a whole is fairly linear, but the story is excellent, and there certainly is enough interactivity to make it engaging. What really shines about this game for me, and why I highly recommend it, is the writing. Itís humorous sci-fi, which I can sometimes like but which I sometimes tire of pretty quickly. This managed to hit the perfect tone of being humorous without being comical, and I certainly never got tired of it. Your interactions with the doctor are particularly fun. And, of course, the game is solidly implemented, so itís really a nice way to spend some time.

I had two main problems with the game. The first was that I didnít really know much about my character. I could assume I was some kind of ďrogueĒ from the title, and I knew that I was a human currently in a world dominated by non-humans, but that was about it. My second problem was that I didnít find the ending very satisfying. (Spoiler - click to show)Near the end of the game, you are presented with a binary choice, and this seems to lead to the two endings (at least I didnít find any more than two endings). Neither ending was very satisfying.

However, the problems I had didnít take away from my enjoyment of the game, and itís short enough that I didnít feel too let down by the endings.