How to say Goodbye in a Pandemic

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Less of a Game, More of a Story, May 22, 2020
by E.J. Rosa (New Mexico)

Another review pointed out that it was not very interactive in terms of a game, and this is true. Before you start it, I would suggest keeping in mind that this is functioning as more of a narrative than a game. Is it still interactive? Sure -- but not in a way where the reader/player can impact the end at all. If you can approach the piece through the lens of a story and/or reading experience, you can certainly enjoy it. However, if you approach it expecting a game in which the player must choose and do things actively, you might be disappointed.

Its writing seemed very poetic, and I enjoyed the fact that the reader has to wait for a new section of the sentence for a brief moment to continue reading. It helps set the tone for how slow the described moment can feel. Its graphics certainly add to the feelings and experiences it is trying to describe. It attempts to provide a certain empathy and understanding in a reader that may not be relevant for some but is the reality of many others. Altogether, although it is very short, I think it is successful in what it is attempting to do.