The Larry Parable

by Sophie Ward


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Not brilliant, but pretty entertaining, December 13, 2013

Firstly, I'm fairly obsessed with The Stanley Parable, so I was thrilled to find an IF tribute to it.

So. The Larry Parable isn't nearly as rich or complex as the original (partly, of course, because it's just a demo so far), with only two choices per scene (if you're lucky). However, the Narrator's voice is pretty spot on and a very entertaining constant throughout your little adventure. While some of the humour is a bit too silly for my personal taste, there are several hilarious lines: the response to repeated button-pushing, for instance, and several others which I won't spoil.

The game seems a bit unpolished. It seems weird to list your options in plain text and then have the links below, but I can't figure out whether that's a coding error or intentional.

To sum up: shallow and silly, but should provide a decent amount of entertainment, whether you're familiar with The Stanley Parable or not. If it gets made into a full-length game, I'll play it.