Choice of the Deathless

by Max Gladstone


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A cutthroat business Choice of Games with eldritch abilities, July 23, 2016

In this first entrant of the Choice of the Deathless series, you play as a young Craftsmen (i.e. magic user) in a law firm run by a lich and two sorcerers, and you have to work with demons, etc.

This game gives you quite a bit of freedom, letting you pick between a few romances, choose to be a fisticuffs type or magic-using type on a sliding scale, and letting you choose what factions you support.

Many people have enjoyed the simple touches like having to pay off your student loans, or the excellent descriptions of the non-humans.

Somehow this game didn't appeal to me as much as the sequel, The City's Thirst. The sequel is not strongly connected to the first, so you could play that one first.