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Fun little Story, January 6, 2021
by Ogre (A Cave)

Good setup and good idea for a story. I like the first page and the tense setup to get me fully immersed in the story. I liked that I had options from the start, but one was confusing if I talked to both guards, I could no longer go to the admissions office, I had only one option and that was to go to the train station. Of course, that directed me back to the admissions office, anyway, but still.

It was interesting that I could go back to the train station and talk with the old guy a second time. I thought it would be a loop, but it was not, so that was quite nice. There were a couple tense issues with verbs here and there that were jarring as the tense jumped from past to present, but not often enough to really put too much of a dent in the story.

It was a neat and fun story. I liked the pace and the options that kept me entertained for a bit. I did like the different options and was pleased to find that there was more than one way to escape. Sure, it could have been longer, but it was certainly nice for what was there, and it did feel like a complete story. Thank you for sharing this story with the site.

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