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Disappointing, having played this after Stone Harbor, September 14, 2021

Immersive presentation - unique in that aspect, as far as IF goes. Journals, excerpts, newspaper clippings, and handwritten notes are presented realistically. The protagonist's scribbles are charming at first, but they soon become annoying. Eventually I stopped clicking through them as I just didn't care.

Storywise - not very compelling. A little boring. Disappointingly so, having read Liza Daly's Stone Harbor - a compelling psychic mystery, and one of my favorite IFs.

Quality - caught some mistakes in uniting the branching choices at the end. The ending of my first playthrough mentioned a character I never encountered. Didn't realize until I replayed that it was a character from a different branch of the story.

Interactivity - Great! Novel!
Fiction - Not bad. Could be better though, knowing the author's previous work.