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An old homebrew parser game about infiltrating a party, August 1, 2017
by MathBrush
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This is an old game that was released in IFComp purporting to be from 1981, complete with an old manual.

It was, rather, a new (for 2000) homebrew parser game about being a spy. I found the parser difficult to wrangle with and the story hard to piece together.

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Baf's Guide

This game is a mystification of sorts: its author passed it off as a text adventure from the early 1980-s he'd found in a shop by accident. This probably predestined the choice of the game's main theme - you're a CIA agent who has got to steal some secret plans from the Soviets. The game parser seems weak even by the standards of those old times; it's a very limited, two-word one, and doesn't support system commands like SAVE, RESTORE, UNDO (heck, even RESTART and QUIT aren't recognized!) Combined with a time limit, and only occasional mentioning of available exits in room descriptions (this annoying characteristic is diminished somewhat, because Infil-traitor is only aware of the 4 cardinal directions), this almost inevitably provides for a few (and with less clever players like myself for QUITE a few) program terminations, which accompany the PC's death in this work of IF. The puzzles are trivial for the most part (there has been one puzzle I've found enjoyable, but I suspect it only has impressed me by contrast to other puzzles therein). On the positive side, Infil-traitor featured some wonderfully rude jokes that made it worth playing for me (I'm fond of black humour), and earned the game's rating an extra star.

-- Valentine Kopteltsev

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