Room Serial

by merricart

escape the room

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The point of this game doesn't hit you until afterwards..., February 10, 2020

This is a quick game to play, less than an hour if you don't get stuck on anything for too long. It's hard to get too stuck due to the I appreciate that. Not everyone has the time to play a game that requires a large time commitment with complex puzzles. I love those too, but when you have just a little time to kill, a game like this one is great.

The point of the game is something you don't realize while you're playing it:
(Spoiler - click to show) The conceit of this game is a person overcoming their own fear. Slowly gaining courage through actions solely within their own mind.

In the end, I really appreciated the metaphorical nature of the game. There's a reason the author chose to limit the set of actions. The limited action set is kind of the point of the game, as is the non-traditional nature of the puzzles.

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