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Surreal/Espionage/Science Fiction/Slice of life

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Immersive, laugh-out-loud funny, August 23, 2009

I'm a big fan of Adam Cadre's work, and Narcolepsy is one of my favorites. The game is advanced basically by just wandering around - it's not really puzzle intensive; for the most part you just explore and immerse yourself in the weirdness. Luckily, the weirdness is everywhere, the writing is top notch, and I found myself laughing delightedly and looking for ever more "unusual responses" from things to try - not in order to solve a puzzle, but just in order to get more of the flavor of the story.

It unfortunately gets a bit weirder and less immersive and more chaotic in the later mid-game and end-game, but it's still a pretty smooth ride home and a lot of fun. Highly recommended.