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Barebones race game, June 17, 2012
by Emily Short
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Sloth on a Stroller is a racing game in which you are competing against a tortoise on a tricycle. Play consists of applying gas, brakes, and nitro at appropriate times on a racing course; the status bar indicates where you and your opponent are, as well as your current speed of travel. It's possible to end the game in a number of ways, though my best outcome was a tie.

Simple-verb, mechanical games can work in IF, and at its best, this could have been something reminiscent of Textfire Golf or the racing minigame in Lost Islands of Alabaz.

I didn't enjoy Sloth as much as those other games, though, and I think that's because a) the writing and general atmosphere is comparatively bare, so I have less reason to invest in individual outcomes or derive enjoyment from non-winning states; and b) there wasn't much feedback about what I was doing wrong and what I might be able to improve. It was clear from the track layout that there were certain places where I really needed to be traveling at a particular speed, or applying gas or nitro. But even with careful notetaking and optimizing for speed against these restraints, as well as (Spoiler - click to show)solving a puzzle to oil my stroller wheels with olive oil, I am still unable to win the thing.

The same mechanics and puzzle enhanced with stronger feedback and more rewarding writing (even for the loss-state endings) would make for a much stronger game.

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Joey Jones, June 17, 2012 - Reply
Hmm I didn't know about (Spoiler - click to show)the olive oil puzzle but I still managed to win the game: the principle is (Spoiler - click to show)to only use the nitro when you're already at 2km/h, and to wait instead of braking when you need to go slow, lessons applicable in all cart racing games.
Emily Short, June 18, 2012 - Reply
Hmm. Okay, I thought I was following more or less that advice, but with another try (and ignoring the (Spoiler - click to show) olive oil) I was able to win. I think my original feelings stand, though -- I would've had more fun with this with more feedback and juicier descriptions.
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