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Why mazes are bad, January 8, 2015
by Harry Coburn (Atlanta, GA)

It's good to see games in progress, which is what IntroComp games are about. For an aspiring author, it helps to see some of the scaffolding behind the game. The lack of a feature might teach the reason why it's important to add it.

Runes, is an intro to a game about herbalist lost through the forest. The player wanders through a forest finding random herbs in a maze. That's about all that is coded that I could discover.

In my experience, such mazes are more frustrating than they are worth despite their long history of use in early IF. It is especially frustrating when the exit locations are so clearly labeled in the descriptions but they twist mid-way.

That being said, the premise of an herbalist lost in the forest and needing to use their skills to escape it is an intriguing one.