Enlaya: The Prison

by Yanlins

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Not Bad, January 16, 2014
by Sharpe (Playing Kerkerkruip, the IF Roguelike)

Though short and unfinished, Enlaya: The Prison isn't too bad of a CYOA. It's refreshing to see a work of Twine with plenty of "agency"—choices that have an affect on the game. Unfortunately, many Twine works can't be called games (or even interactive) as they are completely linear flash fictions. Thankfully, that ailment doesn't afflict Enlaya.

The writing is adequate, good at parts and less so in others, and the presentation isn't quite the (awful) stock ("Sugarcane") format that comes with Twine. The author at least increased the font size so that it was legible. Had the author not made that consideration, I probably wouldn't have bothered straining my eyes to play this game.

Despite the decent writing and abundance of choice, I found it hard to grant a three-star rating due to its rough, unfinished shape. If I could have given it 2.5 stars, I would have done so. However, I chose to round up since fun and re-playability are more important than length in my opinion.

It was certainly worth the five minutes or so that it took to play through it twice.

— Sharpe

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