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- E.K., May 8, 2017

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A call to arms by the author, April 28, 2017
by Jerry Martin (Colossal Caves)

If you are offended by the topic of abortion or the author's pro-life stance, you may want to avoid this piece as it is primarily a means to advocate Ms. Sprenger's pro-life stance (even going so far as to include a link to a gofundme in game to further promote her views) and advocate awareness of abortion (primarily the laws of Canada).

Human(it)y is a piece written in Twine by Ms. Sprenger which primarily shows very similar scenes with interactive words that change when clicked upon, changing the overall scene and their meaning. For example, upon starting Human(it)y up, you're shown a scene that seems out of a science fiction movie or a medical drama with numbered organisms and specimens. However, it quickly becomes political and clicking upon special keywords changes them into different words. For example, the numbered organism changes to "mother" and "specimen" changes into "fetus". The piece is extremely linear and the only interactivity is primarily to push the notion of pro-life and gain new followers that share her beliefs. It's because of this that it's hard to recommend Human(it)y. I don't mind Ms. Sprenger pushing her beliefs (in fact, I applaud anyone willing to stand up and fight for their beliefs). However, as a piece of interactive fiction, it lacks many of the standard features we've come to expect from IF (and which make it interesting and fun) and because of that, I can't recommend it as an IF piece.

However, this piece was not intended to provide a fun interactive world to explore or numerous puzzles to solve. It won't be one to share with fellow IF fans or take with you on the commute. Instead, it was created to share a message with the world (which I must admit is pretty powerful) and become a call to arms for people who share the author's beliefs and on that notion it succeeds. Just don't expect a ton of gameplay or very much interactivity.

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