La route des vins

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Tiny but charming and accessible, July 6, 2008

A silly and rather far-fetched scenario about how you get rolling again when your car breaks down in Portugal. I give it three stars only because it is quite a small game, with only a couple of puzzles: this one is good-natured and charming, with some sly humor. It is roughly the size of a speed-IF, but more coherent and better polished.

The game is also written accessibly enough that non-native speakers of French will probably not find themselves too baffled by slang or idioms. For those who can follow along but get stuck figuring out what to type, standard IF commands in French can be found in PDF form here: [look for the page with the puppet on it]. Many standard English abbreviations also do continue to work in the game alongside their French equivalents. Since the game also includes contextual hints and a complete solution on demand, it is unlikely to leave the non-native speaker stranded.