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Peerless in terms of content, December 20, 2009
by Andreas Teufel (Poland)


Story: teenage girl gets stranded with a broken car on a highway and must travel home

Since this is a classic Adam Cadre game, the main character is very likeable. It's that easy.

Structure & Puzzles: a certain flaw is that it's quite hard to get to the real end, the obvious solution is not always the right and sometimes you have to look for miniscule details, I had to "cheat" to win this game (there's no hint system if I remember correctly), and some things appear rather fragmentary and unfinished, I'm all for an extended "director's cut" edition of this game!

Content: the things this game lets you do! one of the funniest games I've ever played; my favourite moment is when you finally are in your room :-)

Replayability: high, because of the many branches, there is enough interesting stuff to be tried out to give this game many spins

Interactivity: could still be upped slightly I think

So overall, there are some problems, but the daring content and humour makes up for all of those. a must-play