Predictions of a Strip Mall Psychic

by Jake Elliott

Slice of life

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Seeing Into the Future, November 6, 2016
by RobMagus (London, UK)

I think if more fictions written in Texture were available, I would only have given this two stars. It feels very linear, and there's no sense that your choices have meaningful consequences.

However, I have a soft spot for the setting and tone and concept. And there is a sequence where (Spoiler - click to show)you are giving a client a reading, and are given the opportunity to play it straight, unscrupulously gather information about the client, and/or try to use some psychology/intuition. I quite liked that, as well as the vague sense of unease provided by a later scene and by the abrupt, open ending--which perfectly caps this particular experience.

I suspect that, in the future, if Texture takes off and there is a wider variety of games using it, this review may change. As it stands, it's worth playing to see how Texture works and have an enjoyable little experience.