Nights in Boulder

by Zane Fulton

Part of Some memories are better left forgotten.

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Fun read, February 21, 2017

This was a fun game that got me out of my IF funk. The design was well done with the chapter and links, but the pictures were not full enough, so when I scrolled down I would find a huge black bar, but then my computer screen is freaking large, so that might not be the same for everyone. However, image wise, it served the story well. The passages and writing were also nicely placed in the middle, with adequate padding, making for an easy on the eyes read, except for some parts where there were picture backgrounds, the text were a bit hard to read since they had no shadows.

Story wise, it's kind of cliched, a bit over dramatic, but it was fun to read. I will admit that I got a little confused with the flashbacks but I partly blame that on myself. My mind wanders often when I read on my computer.

It's a mystery game about a man who loses his girlfriend suddenly, for no reason and doesn't understand why she hasn't returned. So he looks for clues, only to find the answers brought even more questions than before or they were completely defiant against his pleas.

The game is linear but the choices allow the player to interact with the story by choosing their own dialogue and it also has 2 or 3 "explore the room" scenes and journal entries that delve into the past of one of the characters. So there is plenty to look at, to skim through, that give off the rush and desperation to find a loved one.

Pros: nice interface
Cons: some bugs here and there, such as misspellings and picture backgrounds that aren't long enough and some might find the story kind of silly. And TW for mentions of abuses to one of the women in the game.