Lost in Space: Dr. Smith Goes Home

by Graeme Cree

Science Fiction, Screen

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Baf's Guide

A one-sitting game based on the 1960's TV series. You play Dr. Smith; your goal is to ditch the Robinsons and reach Earth on your own. Mr. Cree clearly knows his Lost In Space well: the descriptions are full of LIS minutiae, and additional files explain how the game was desinged both to provide the series with an ending and to explain some of its inconsistencies. Contains AGT-style monsters and a weapon with limited charges.

After its initial release, the author, possibly concerned about copyright infringement, decided to re-release it, with all the names changed, as Tossed into Space: Dr. Schmidt Goes Home. The Schmidt version lacks the original's theme song (played on the PC internal speaker) and some of the additional files, but does come with source code.

-- Carl Muckenhoupt

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