Deadline Enchanter

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Slippery rails, August 16, 2008

Like All Roads or Rameses, this is a wholly railroaded piece with a cunning excuse for the rails. In this case, said cunning excuse even doubles as a cunning excuse for an implementation so skeletal that the player soon learns that trying anything but the obvious next action will most likely be fruitless. This may sound like an exercise in player frustration, and, although there is of course a 'however' to come, it largely is that. Certainly the sense of claustrophobia induced by turns spent bouncing hard off the edges of the world's constrained domain of definition, combined with a seemingly uninspired setting, mean only the persistent or forewarned are likely to persevere through the opening sections. However - be forewarned. Such persistence will pay off. To an extent. The frustration caused by this nearly command-level railroading does not really wear off, and I do not really mean to excuse it; but the setting and story are more interesting than they at first appear, and the distinctive writing and tricksy presentation may charm a reader willing to submit to its wiles. I would go so pithy as to put it like this: you must not expect to play this game - you must allow it to play you.